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Right thinking, Right ways of being, Equals feeling better. Detach from, "attacking-thoughts."

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One-on-One Sessions

Personal Program

Sessions on Zoom, FaceTime and/or in person. If journeying through a difficult transition such as death, divorce, career transition or even cancer developing a mindfulness-mediation practice can be most beneficial. Executive C-Suite Leadership sessions are available as well; how to stay calm in the midst of challenges. Vanessa will develop a tailored made, personalized practice to address your concerns.


If you are seeking peace-of-mind, more clarity, and focus, mindfulness-meditation is key. All sessions are available to both adults, children and teenagers. Future goals are developed, whilst learning how to remain in the here and now. Negative-internal-talk, fear based thinking, gripping anxiety can be lessened. New possibilities are here. Contact Vanessa today.

Workshops/ Classes/ Keynote Speaker


De-Stress corporate teams, lessen anxiety, achieve overall well-being/cooperation, no longer taking things personally; mindfulness techniques are effective. Implementing exercises and practical daily tools will increase focus in the midst of unexpected change, even turmoil. Mindfulness-meditation tools increase productivity and bottom-line. Decrease listening to negative stories in the mind,  eliminate what-if thinking, fear or too much future worry. Clarity comes from pre-frontal cortex thinking and mindfulness can get you there. Vanessa can develop a specialized program for your current, corporate-culture today. 


From beginner mindfulness-meditation classes or developing personalized programs for your school, company and/or friends and family all classes can be specialized. 

Basic, intermediate and advanced levels are available for corporations, young adults-teenagers/youth groups, women's' health & men's programs as well. 


Subjects for keynote speeches can be curtailed to overall message. Previous topics: 

1. How to Stop the War in Your Mind

2. How to Recover from Life's Hurricanes

3. Effective Listening & Communication through Mindfulness

4. Beginners Mindfulness Practice, Where to Start & How 

5. Stop Listening to Internal Critic, Build True Self-Esteem​

6. Enduring the Family Disease of Addiction Powerfully

7. How to Not Take Things Personally & Stay Centered


And Others...