Mindfulness, Meditation, Mind-Training Workshops & "Keynote Speaker" All, can be Personalized for Your Needs: Communication, Presence, Recovery, Family, Business, University, High Schools, Athletes,Self-Esteem, Leadership...simply finding peace of mimd



1. The Dallas Mavericks, Women's Empowerment Program 24 Hour Club 


2. The Dallas Symphony @Meyerson, individual classes per week

3. Center for BrainHealth: Effective Communication Through Mindfulness  


4. National Charity League

75,000 members strong nationwide, 

for 8th grade girls (Mockingbird Chapter), lessen anxiety & leadership 

5. SMU Communications Department: students 

6. HealthCore Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Preston Center: Mindfulness-Meditation for various CEO's

7. Recovery Advocates: Lifeline Dallas, Meditation, Calming the Addicted Mind, Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church

8. Cancer Support Community: Plano Presbyterian Hospital How to Stay Calm During Chemo

9. Private Homes, Highland Park 

Tools for Being Calm with Children, Family & Life (women's gathering) 

10. Maximum Security Prison: Sydney, Australia, Forgiveness Communication Program with Azim Khamisa

11. Legacy Sport & Wellness Center, Dallas TX: for professional athletes 

And Others...


1. Stop the War in Your Mind

2. How to Recover from Life's Hurricanes

3. Effective Communication through Mindfulness & Listening​

4. Beginners Mindfulness Practice, Where to Start & How 

5. Stop Listening to Internal Critic & Build True Self-Esteem​

6. Enduring the Family Disease of Addiction Powerfully

7. How to Not Take Things Personally & Stay Centered

8. How to Listen to Clients Effectively and Not Your Judgements

9. Mindfulness During Chemotherapy 

10. Calming Incessant Thinking/Fear 


And Others...