Mindfulness, Meditation, Mind-Training Workshops & "Keynote Speaker" All, can be Personalized for Your Needs: Communication, Presence, Recovery, Family, Business, University, High Schools, Athletes,Self-Esteem, Leadership...simply finding peace of mimd



1. The Dallas Mavericks, Women's Empowerment Program 24 Hour Club 


2. National Charity League

75,000 members strong nationwide, 

for 8th grade girls (Mockingbird Chapter), lessen anxiety & leadership 

3. Center for BrainHealth: Effective Communication Through Mindfulness


4. SMU Communications Department: students 

4. HealthCore Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Preston Center: Mindfulness-Meditation for various CEO's

5. Recovery Advocates: Lifeline Dallas, Meditation, Calming the Addicted Mind, Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church

6. Cancer Support Community: Plano Presbyterian Hospital How to Stay Calm During Chemo

7. Private Homes, Highland Park 

Tools for Being Calm with Children, Family & Life (women's gathering) 

8. Maximum Security Prison: Sydney, Australia, Forgiveness Communication Program with Azim Khamisa

8. Legacy Sport & Wellness Center, Dallas TX: for professional athletes 

And Others...


"Stop the War in Your Mind, Lessen Anxiety & Get Present"  

the yoga movement

4931 Airline Rd Ste 102, Dallas, Texas 75205

(3 blocks South from SMU/ end of Katy Trail) 

1:30 - 4:30

Click Below to Sign Up~ Space Limited



1. Stop the War in Your Mind

2. How to Recover from Life's Hurricanes

3. Effective Communication through Mindfulness & Listening​

4. Beginners Mindfulness Practice, Where to Start & How 

5. Stop Listening to Internal Critic & Build True Self-Esteem​

6. Enduring the Family Disease of Addiction Powerfully

7. How to Not Take Things Personally & Stay Centered

8. How to Listen to Clients Effectively and Not Your Judgements

9. Mindfulness During Chemotherapy 

10. Calming Incessant Thinking/Fear 


And Others...