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Endorsement by Azim Khamisa

The Dalai Lama has honored his work, TED Talk speaker and has spoken at The United Nations

Vanessa’s training began over 19 years ago in ZEN. She continued her studies with Azim Khamisa, whose work has been honored by The Dalai Lama, working with him in a prison in Sydney, Australia to CEO offices and high schools in California.


She completed three, 10-day completely silent Vipassana trainings and then actually lived in and taught at The Dallas Meditation Center for 3 years; for women, men, CEO's and more. She is certified in mindfulness-meditation, life-coaching and yoga and became a Reiki Master through an authentic Japanese lineage and sensei (teacher).  

Losing everything in Hurricane Katrina and grappling with the addiction and alcoholism within her family, however, were Vanessa’s greatest teachers. It is one thing learning something from an SMU book but actually having to journey through life-circumstances, "being," what one has learned instructs to the core. Mindfulness- meditation significantly helped Vanessa in her own life. Now, she helps others.