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Endorsement by Azim Khamisa

The Dalai Lama has honored his work, TED Talk speaker and has spoken at The United Nations

Reduce anxiety, lessen stress, and increase mental agility by learning science-based, effective mindfulness techniques from expert Vanessa Guild.


We live in a world of splintered attention, phones glued to the hand, constant texts, increasing emails and anxiety. Our time is pulled in various directions while attempting to balance our business and personal lives. Continual stress impairs the

immune system leading to compromised health. A strong immune system, especially during this time, is of paramount importance.


Vanessa's training began over 19 years ago, and in that time, she has inspired a wide variety of people. She has facilitated workshops in a prison in Sydney, Australia, helped CEO's from offices in La Jolla, Dallas and New York. She taught and lived in a meditation center for 3 years and her primary instructor's work was honored by The Dalai Lama. Her continued certifications in reiki-mastery and yoga refined further

workshops for women, recovery groups and teenagers.


Efficiency and sustaining attention are possible, not to mention peace of mind. Mindfulness meditation techniques increase your cognitive productivity, which increases your bottom-line. Most importantly procedures support overall mental wellbeing for employees to CEO's sustaining healthy corporate environments for all.

Calm-minds, better choices... contact Vanessa today.